Although NHS in the UK provides us with free medical services, more and more people decide to choose the rout of taking out additional private medical insurance. The main reason for that is the need to avoid long queues. But fast-track access to professionals and treatment is not the only benefit of a private medical insurance:

  • You have better choice of medical service providers – private and public hospitals, specialist referrals, physiotherapy – giving you greater control
  • Most policies cover the cost of tests and day-care surgery, so you can focus on recovery
  • You can get cover for specialists drugs and treatment not available via NHS, so if you are into sports, this may be a great choice for you
  • You can have more privacy: medical students won’t take up your physician’s attention and if you do not want to remain in an open ward, you can use your insurance to get a private room
  • Unrestricted visiting hours

In a nutshell, it gives you funds to help you access the best medical care available. However, restrictions may apply due to your current health, age, whether you are a smoker, etc. – so if you are interested in a private medical insurance, call us on 01708 504455 or email Gary Taylor on for bespoke advice.