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Commercial mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Investment property is simply a property bought with a view of making a return. This can be achieved through rent and/or resale with a profit.  

If you are looking for financial support to complete such a project, you are probably looking at options of getting a commercial mortgage.

What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is simply a loan for a property that is used for business purposes. It is possibly the best way to finance the purchase of buildings and land for business, because it provides a flexible and affordable solution that gives you access to capital.

Commercial mortgages are specialised, due to the fact that the lender has a legal claim over the property until the loan has been repaid in full. In the event of non-payment, the property can be repossessed and sold as a means of repaying the outstanding mortgage balance.

There are a number of different commercial mortgages such as ‘own use’ and commercial investment:

  • ‘Own use’ is the most common and is quite simply a mortgage to buy a property from which to run your own business.
  • Commercial investment mortgages are loans to purchase commercial property in order to rent it out to business tenants.

Commercial mortgages can be used for a variety of purposes, for example the purchase of business premises, expansion, residential and commercial investment or property development. Some uses or business concerns may be excluded or have restrictions placed on them by the lender, so talk to a number of different providers about your business’ needs.

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The FCA do not regulate buy-to-let or commercial mortgages.